Karamon Steelbreaker

Drink in one hand axe in the other


Born in the Northern Wastelands of Whitefall, Karamon Steelbreaker was the “cherished” son. The youngest of three brothers, Karamon was the only one who initially took an interest in helping his father with fishing and hunting in the harsh frozen lands of Whitefall.

His eldest brother, Karik Steelbreaker found his path among the Priests, seeking to find ways to bring peace across the volatile lands. The next brother, Jarek Steelbreaker found his path with the ways of the Mages.

When they left to seek their own destiny, Karamon – the most physically strong of the three brothers, had felt guilty leaving his aging father to fend for himself in the harsh, frozen wastelands.

When he was not helping his father, Karamon found companions in a wolf he had rescued, that he named Frost; and a Raven that had damaged its wing and become separated from the rest of the others, whom he named Night.

His father discouraged the behavior of mingling with animals; explaining that the people in the village would think he was mad. So Karamon forsook the only two friends he ever had in life. However, it was only weeks later, when both the wolf and raven came to him while he was out hunting with great urgency. Though they did not speak; he could not help but get the impression that something terrible was happening. Rushing back as quickly as he could through the snow, as he cleared the small, frozen forest; his village was burning in the distance.

When he returned to his village, he found that his family and most of the villagers had been slain. From one dying survivor, he learned that Hobgoblins riding on dire wolves had come through seeking “The Everglow” stone. None knew what they spoke of, so the Hobgoblins murdered everyone, and those who tried to escape, died at the maws of the starving dire wolves.

Karamon decided to seek out the murderous Hobgoblins, with the one clue he had found. A banner that had the symbol of a human skull – with a serpent, forked tongue, and two spears criss-crossed behind the skull.

Though he’s not seen Winter or Night since that night; he has heard the howl of the wolf from time to time, and the caw of a raven; and wondered, if his companions were somewhere behind him; always keeping an eye on him.

Karamon Steelbreaker

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