Journey to Sitnalta

on the ocean

The Party retrieved the power source from the strange craft on Wuponi Wu. The Ape king was more compliant after spending a day trapped in rock. The Crew and adventurers were allowed to leave peacefully. Sailing on the tide Archer and Pholx finally revealed the plan they were pursuing. In the hold a large metal cylinder was wired into various parts of the bottom of the ship. This ancient device still worked and would allow the ship to sail through the clouds. He believed the ancients used such devices regularly but the knowledge of how to build them had been lost. Phlox has been able to mostly repair it and even get some small functionality out of it. Osfrid had taken to spending alot of time in the workshop with Pholx and was pouring over an ancient tome he had found on a previous adventure. An attack by an Aboleth that was controlling a couple of Saughagin and dolphins took the crew by surprise. Karamon and Shu were controlled by the beast and took a heavy toll on the group before Eberk was able to dispel the charm. The adventurers were able to dispatch the horror though when the battle ended Phlox was dead. A pall settled over the ship as the crew cleared the corpse and prepared Pholx’s body. Eberk was able to preserve the body of the Dwarf though at a cost to his own powers. As the ship approched the edge of the Maelstrom no one can say what they will find.


RealityBreak RealityBreak

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