Clash of captains

The group goes to the Enterprise to meet with Captain Archer. When they arrive at the ship they are greeted by a standoffish elf that identifies herself as Archer. Feeling like they are being decieved and getting no where with the elf they decide to head to one of the local Rum Boxes the Yanked Cup. Eberk Dankill pays service to his god as the rest of the party try to gather more information. They find themselves in a bar fight after Osfrid the illusionist annoys one of the patrons. Tuvok, who is the lead mage on the Voyager. Some quick action by Eberk and Shu avoid a bloodbath. They learn a bit more about a Feud going on between the Voyager and Enterprise. They meet Phlox the Cleric and ships carpenter on the enterprise. They do speak with Archer and are invited to dine with the captain that evening to discuss passage and a possible job the captain may have for them.

They go to meet Lady Tiona to pickup some clothing commissioned by Cliona and learn even more about the Ships. Voyager is a hevily armed merchant ship relying on its size and weaponry to defend itself. Her Captain Janeway is a law abiding trader that runs a tight ship. The Enterprise and her Captain relying on its speed and cunning to run whatever cargo needs to be moved. Though despite the ships speed and known routes had been staying away from the island for longer and longer periods of time within the past five years. She believes the captain to be on a mission of some sort. Lady Tiona definitely has a soft spot for Archer.

That evening they meet with Archer and his Crew for dinner. T’pol greets them at the gangplank and identifies herself as the first officer. The rest of the main crew is gathered in the ward room. Phlox, Tucker, Mayweather, Daniels and Reed the The mage and old frind of captain archer. After the meal Archer reveals his relationship with Captain Janeway. She blames him for the death of her daughter. Apparently after they were married she was killed thought the details are not entirely clear. Archer says he needs a vial filled with the tears of an angel to bring his wife back and would like the party to retrieve it for him.


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